for kids (and not)  from six  yo to...

Have Fun &  Explore !

follow the tracks

solve the puzzles

visit  the city

STREET ADVENTURES™: a new way of visiting the city with themed treasure hunts: police investigations, spy missions and classic treasure hunts. 
test your skills, have fun and explore the city with our adventures !

take it easy

There's no clock on our Adventures and this allows you to explore the city as you see fit.

While solving the puzzles you can make stops to visit the monuments and museums but also to make purchases or eat and drink in the premises along the way.


you don't need a map to follow the adventure and if you can not find a clue or solve an enigma you can ask for a little help ...


The routes of our adventures are in most cases walkable, accessible to the disabled and suitable for baby strollers.

Participate Or Win ?

Check the answer  on the site.  you will receive a personalized certificate of participation with the degree achieved

your adventure starts here

You can buy our adventures at the points of sale of the city (see list) or on-line on this site to receive them comfortably at home by mail or to download them immediately in pdf format and print them.

English language adventures

You can buy our adventures  in English language on-line on this site to receive them comfortably at home by mail 
or to download them immediately in pdf format to print them.


Our Downloadable Gift Vouchers allow you give your friends or  family members our Adventures 



«Complimenti a te e ai tuoi ragazzi per la bella e creativa idea x girare la città!!
A me e ai miei amici è piaciuta molto!!!»


«La caccia al tesoro è piaciuta molto, un pomeriggio diverso passato alla ricerca di indizi...i più piccoli cercavano i topini, i bimbi più grandi leggevano gli indizi e partiva la ricerca con l'aiuto delle mamme e dei papà. Grazie bell'idea🤗»


«That is an exciting tour. Be prepare to walk a lot and keep your eyes open, there are some tricky riddles to solve! Best of all: you don't need to make it in the estimated time. You will find many distractions (like Gelaterias, Enotecas or such) on your way.»


«DIVERTENTE ! Un modo simpatico per visitare la città! Per nulla banale! Lo danno per 2/5 ore, noi ne abbiamo impiegate poco più di 3 con qualche tappa ristorazione molto gradita!»


«E' stata un'esperienza piacevole ed ottima per poter scovare luoghi, stradine e curiosità della città che diversamente non salterebbero all’occhio.»


they  were there too...

Luca & Marco

They had a lot of fun searching for tracks on the ground, in the air and ... at the same time getting dirty!


She, along with her eldest daughter, carried out the police adventure and in addition to having fun she discovered places and things she didn't know


He gave his contribution as a "person informed of the facts" about the territory and its ancient stories in one of the Adventures
write and tell us about the adventure you completed by attaching your photo